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We don’t charge travel expenses for locations within 50 miles of our HQ in Bristol.

For places further afield we charge 35 pence per mile.


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    What is a combination school day?2021-01-17T21:04:08+00:00

    A combination school day features two practitioners working simultaneously in different sections of a school and can offer either two separate shows or one of our famous double acts.

    How far will you travel to perform shows or host workshops?2021-01-19T04:56:48+00:00

    We will travel anywhere within England and Wales

    Do you teach children and adults with special needs?2021-01-17T18:30:25+00:00

    Club Le Trix enjoy working with those who have special educational needs and disabilities and have school days designed specifically.

    How much time does a workshop take?2020-12-07T10:13:04+00:00

    We are flexible on the length of a workshop and make the content bespoke within the time available.

    Are you insured?2020-12-07T10:13:18+00:00

    Yes. All of our tutors are fully insured.

    Are the workshops safe?2020-12-07T10:13:38+00:00

    We ensure the workshops are kept as safe as possible. We can send a risk assessment on request.

    Does Club Le Trix require a deposit?2021-01-17T21:10:04+00:00

    Yes. We require a 50% deposit for every booking.

    How many participants can you teach at one time?2020-12-07T10:14:19+00:00

    The amount of participants we can teach at any one time is limited to a maximum of 35 per practitioner.

    Should another adult be present during structured workshops?2020-12-07T10:14:39+00:00

    Yes. We do require at least one other adult to be present when teaching children. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

    What should schools provide?2021-01-17T21:07:52+00:00

    We require a suitable venue to host workshops, indoors during the winter months and preferably with a high ceiling. It also helps if we can get a vehicle close to the venue to unload. During a long day it’s always nice (but not essential) to be provided lunch.

    Which age groups are the workshops most suitable for?2020-12-07T10:15:17+00:00

    Our workshops are suitable for participants aged 4 and above.

    Can we book a show and a workshop?2020-12-07T10:15:36+00:00

    Yes! We are happy to perform a show in addition to a workshop for no extra charge as part of our school days.

    Can we book a show without a workshop?2020-12-07T10:15:58+00:00

    Absolutely, we take bookings for circus shows, puppet shows, science shows and dance performances often on behalf of local councils and as private bookings.

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