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We start the day with a big smile, IDs, DBS checks and insurance essentials.

We prefer to be on site before the children arrive. This allows us plenty of time to set up. With equipment to load in, it’s handy to have a convenient parking space where available.

Assembly Show

Our assembly shows create waves of excitement around the school with infectious laughter, heroic volunteers, feats of skill and inspirational values. Our performances give a real taste of what’s to come throughout the day.

Skills Workshops

Working with one class at a time allows us to focus on individual needs exploring physical literacy whilst engaging brain power and social skills.

Students Perform

At the end of the day we welcome the significant people in the students’ lives to come and see them show off their newly developed skills.

This is a ​great way to engage the wider community with what’s been happening around the school.

At Club Le Trix we work around a timetable which suits your school. It could be a variety of groups in separate sessions or one group for the entire day.

The ‘start of the day show’ functions as a great introduction to the skills. The ‘end of day show’ gives the students a chance to show off​ what they’ve learnt.

With encouragement and support,​ children performing in front of their peers and loved ones enjoy increased levels of self esteem and confidence.

Students find elements within our workshops and their devised performances which allow them to shine. Our workshops appeal to everyone including those less responsive to day-to-day school life..

Why not book ….?

  • At the beginning or end of term to kick off or round up a topic
  • As a reward day to a specific class excelling in a certain area
  • As part of a transition day while students become familiar with a new school
  • To bring a specific book to life as part of World Book Day


club le trix schools
club le trix schools

Club Le Trix use dance teachers with years of experience teaching in schools.

We offer many styles and adapt each session to suit the age range. An inspirational dance routine starts the day before the children take part in active movement sessions which promote strength, flexibility, circulation, posture​,​ balance and coordination.

Choreographed movement combines ​creativity and discipline whilst keeping the body conditioned and the mind ​focused. Calming hyperactive children, improving mental health, moderating behavioural issues and enhancing academic performance. Our dance workshops are a great way to enrich the curriculum.

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Club Le Trix bring circus shows and workshops into schools using some of the UK’s top circus performers.

With a wide variety of equipment including simple tasks and complex challenges we spark lifelong learning and even inspire careers within the UK’s thriving circus scene.

Scientifically proven, ​complex tasks such as juggling are known to aid dyslexia, enhance motor skills, consolidate​ ​rhythm and timing and improve information retention.

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puppets schools
puppets schools

Club Le Trix sends imaginations flying high as we explore the creation of amazing animated characters​ made from​ the humblest of materials.

Fun puppet shows take children on an enthralling journey as our performers breathe life into their props.

Improving dexterity, fine motor skills and coordination, puppets aid emotional development and allow children to express themselves through a character they control.

Creating stories to perform​ increases​ awareness of language​ ​and narrative structure.

The ​students’​ end of day puppet shows are often full of ​surprises. The ​new puppet characters then​ head home to re-emerge in the children’s own time.

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Club Le Trix perform astonishing science shows ​with breathtaking results ​everyone will be talking about.

In addition to our shows, our fun, educational, curriculum linked science workshops are specifically designed for KS1 and KS2 and cover Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The workshops allow students to get hands-on experience trying some of the experiments for themselves learning more about scientific laws and theories through practical examples.

Offering a great introduction to some of the more advanced learning in secondary schools our scientific brainiacs present theories which nourish naturally curious minds and find ways to explain scientific phenomena.

Through practical examples of science such as bubbles, vortex cannons, slime and hovering ping pong balls, students leave with memorable images of science in action.

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DBS Checked – Fully Insured – Risk Assessed

At Club Le Trix we pride ourselves in ensuring that all of our practitioners ​visiting schools ​and events around the UK have undergone the strictest of vetting. From our own internal training programme to external DBS checks our staff are contracted to adhere to a strict code of behavioural conduct. Covering ​the ​entire range of activities, ​our ​risk assessments, insurance policies and DBS certificates are available upon ​request and hard copies will also be carried by the practitioner on the day.


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